Fees and Cancellation Policy

Membership fees do not include machanot, food, special events or uniforms.Shirts can be purchased from the “Boutique Galim” (Gvira) or in any Hagor store in Israel.

Cancellation Policy
Payments, minus the non-refundable registration fee ($50), will be reimbursed only if a child has pre-paid and tried 3 consecutive peulot or less. Cancellation must be via email to info@shevetgalim.com 24 hours before scheduled 4th peula.
If any of the aforementioned conditions are not met, the family will not be eligible for a reimbursement of any fees.Cancellation Policy for day trips/over night activities:
Day Trip:
10 days notice- full refund*
5 days notice- 50% refund*
less than 5 days- no refund*

3 weeks notice- full refund*
2 weeks notice- 50% refund*
less than 2 weeks- no refund*

*Cancellation refund is subject to payments/cost that were already made.

Parent / Guardian Permission

Medical Record form (found on the Health Information and Declaration form) and Emergency contact information (found on the Family Information form) must be submitted by all Tzofim members.
Tzofim will not be able to partake in activities without this information completed entirely.
Tiyulim and/or Machanot
All tiyulim (outings), machanot (camps), or activities that take place at locations other than the shevet’s regular location will require a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian.

Tzofe will not be able to partake in the tiyul/machane without signed permission from parent/guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Video and Photography

Parent and Child each agree that Shevet Galim and Friends of Israel Scouts (FOIS) may use any photograph, image, likeness, statement or utterance of Child or Parent in any media, including the internet, for promotional or other purposes.
If you prefer that you or your child not be photographed, let us know in writing to: info@shevetgalim.com


Tzofe must be members of the shevet and attend 75% of all activities in order to participate in any special events, including Tiyulim (day trips) and/or Machanot (camps).

Tzofe that join the Shevet later in the year, must participate in at least 4 activities* before he/she is eligible to join Tiyulim and/or Machanot.

*Due to the proximity to the beginning of the year, Tiyul Anivot eligibility is limited only to members of the shevet.

Visiting non-family guests who would like to participate in a shevet peula, must obtain a permission to attend from the Rosh Shevet or Merakez in advance of the meeting.

Volunteering / Supervision Requirement

Each parent will be required to supervise children’s safety during two Events and/or Activities. (Weekly activity, Trip, Camp etc.)I understand and am willing to volunteer to stay on premise during at least two Events and/or Activities in order to supervise children’s safety and smooth operation of activity. Additional volunteering opportunities are optional but highly encouraged.

Please note that some events or camps might have limitations on the quantity of chaperons. If that is the case, the selection of chaperons will be determined by the following prioritization:

  1. Va’ad member(s)
  2. Functionaries
  3. Parents to children with a special need (medical or otherwise)
  4. Parents that have devoted of their personal time to Shevet Galim and the community.

* The final decision for selection of chaperons will be at the sole discretion of the Va’ad.