Early-bird enrollment for 2017-2018 is now OPEN!  ENROLL NOW!!!

Come join Shevet Galim!  Over the past year, a new group of madrichim have been trained and we are excited for what the year has in store for us this year!

Activities will be conducted weekly at the SDJA campus on Sunday afternoons from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.  Activities for all chanichim, will start immediately in September. First activity is on September, 17th, 2017. Activities will begin earlier for Shachbag.  For more details, please, see the draft Activity Schedule for the year.

Tzofim activities will be held at the San Diego Jewish Academy campus.

Location: San Diego Jewish Academy campus @ 11860 Shaw Ridge Road, San Diego, CA 92130 (map)
Schedule for Shachbag activity: (10th to 12th grade): 12:00PM-5:00PM
Schedule for chanichim activity:
(2nd to 9th grade): 3:00PM-5:00PM

Activities will be conducted in Hebrew, Hebrew speaking counseling, with realistic expectations of use English among the chanichim.
All participants will be expected to wear the Tzofim uniform (Khaki).

Khaki shirts with badges are available for $25 at Boutique Galim. Also, Shevet Galim offers a Celebratory Khaki – a white polo shirt with embroidered Shevet Galim logo to be worn on special occasions (Shabbat and Havdalah at machanot, Ceremonies etc.) Please make your payment online (below). Items can be picked up at your next activity.

After a successful inaugural year, Shevet Galim is happy to announce that the “Tzofkatim” program for children entering 2nd grade will continue this year.
This program allows 2nd graders to get a taste of Tzofim and enjoy age-appropriate Tzofim-like activities in Hebrew.
The activities will take place every Sunday (3PM-5PM) alongside the regular Tzofim activities, and will be run by shevet counselors under the direction of a Shevet alumnus.
It is important to note that the program will include activities only. Tzofkatim will not take part in shevet camps, hikes etc.
Register now to the cutest program in San Diego!
There is no need to purchase a shirt for Tzofkatim – a special Tzofkatim t-shirt will be provided to all tzofkatim members.
(In the event that the Tzofkatim shirt is misplaced – there will be a $10 replacement cost.)


Early bird membership (July 1st – July 31st August 5th) will be $530 ($455 after IAC support*)
Regular membership fees (after  July 31st August 5th) for this year will be $570* ($495 after IAC support*)

Membership fees do not include uniforms, day trips, machanot and any special events.

 For more information regarding Shevet Finances and how they are managed – please see the Shevet Galim Finances Brief, that was sent to all members in April 2017. (The brief will be updated by July 31st with the new year’s budget and forecast.)

* The Israeli American Council has graciously awarded $75 scholarship for each tzofe for families that agree to join the IAC.

New members who join in or after January will pay a prorated membership fee.

Payment Plans

To reduce the financial burden, payment plans are available.  However, to reduce the amount of work to be performed by our volunteer Treasurer (Gizbar), as well as additional fees imposed by PayPal, all payment plans will require providing post-dated checks at the time of enrollment.

If you need to set a payment plan, please contact the Gizbar @ finance@shevetgalim.com

Membership Assistance

We do not want to exclude any families due to financial hardship. The shevet has a limited scholarship fund from which membership assistance can be provided. All requests for membership assistance will be reviewed and granted on a case by case basis.  Please do not wait for the last moment to request assistance. Due to the limitations of the fund, assistance can only be provided until the fund is depleted.  

Deadline for Membership Assistance is: August 15th, 2017
Scholarship decisions will be provided by: August 31th, 2017

To apply for membership assistance, please contact either the Rosh Shevet (roshshevet@shevetgalim.com) or the Gizbar (finance@shevetgalim.com).  Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Enrollment Instructions (
2 Steps):

Returning families please note – we are transitioning to a new registration system and the process is a little different. All information will need to be entered once again.

Step 1: Enrollment

All registration information must be completed prior to the first peula.  This applies to trial periods as well. This is extremely important to ensure insurance coverage and allowing the shevet to prepare ahead of time.
One or more va’ad members with computers will be available at the shevet during the first 3 – 4 weeks of peulot to assist anyone with difficulty registering on their own.

  1. Complete your family information:
    All members will be required to complete a full enrollment, providing all family, and member information.  Please make sure to provide up to date information, including cellphone numbers and email addresses for all parents / guardians so that you will be able to receive updates throughout the year.

    Israeli-American Council (IAC) Membership

    You will also be asked whether you agree to become a member of the IAC.  The IAC provides support for Tzofim activities throughout the USA.  Your free IAC membership will allow the shevet to receive financial assistance in the sum of $75 per child, thereby helping us to reduce the fees for the shevet activities. There are no membership fees for this, but Shevet Galim will share contact information with the IAC.*  Please check “IAC Membership” box to allow the shevet to receive the financial assistance.
    This assistance helps Shevet Galim operate successfully and we encourage you to Opt in. Opting out will incur an additional $75 in membership fees per member.

    * Should you desire – you can easily unsubscribe form IAC emails.
  2. Personal information for each child.
    For each child, you will be required to complete:

    • All personal information, contact information, emergency contract etc.
    • Health information (allergies, medication, Dr. info.), Health insurance and declaration
    • For each child, you will also be required to accept the Membership Agreement and Shevet Galim Takanon (Code of Contact) and the Consent Forms.

For assistance at any time during the enrollment process – please contact info@shevetgalim.com

Step 2: Payment

You will receive an email with billing information shortly after you have registered.  To make life easier for our volunteer treasurer – please make your prompt payment.


Boutique Galim

To purchase Khaki and other Shevet-related clothing, please vising the “Boutique” at: http://shevetgalim.com/boutique-galim/
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