TiyulimLogoWe have a number of events, camps, seminars and tiyulim* throughout the year.   Twice a year during the year, once in Winter and again in the Summer, our Shevet has overnight camping experiences for all tzofim.  Throughout the overnight camps, tzofim partake in activities pertaining to nature, hands-on implementation of scouting ideas and a number of social activities. These camps fulfill a fundamental educational and social goal for the shevet.

There are also several day trips throughout the year. Please make sure that your contact information is up to date to receive all our email notifications. You can also check our calendar and download our Activity Calendar


Here is a list of events, camps and tiyulim for all tzofim:

  • Tiyul Anivot
  • Yitchak Rabin Memorial Service
  • Winter Camp (Machane Choref)
  • Yom Tzofe
  • Festigalim
  • Purimon
  • Good Deeds Day
  • Holocaust Memorial Ceremony
  • Yom Ha’zikaron
  • Lag Ba’Omer
  • Summer Camp (Machane Kayitz)

There are also a number of camps and seminars for Shachbag (10-12 grade), as well as a few for those entering shachbag (Tet or 9th grade):

  • Seminar “Patish” (Shachbag only)
  • Seminar Rashgadim (Rashgadim only)
  • Leadership Seminar (Shachbag only)
  • Mid-year Seminar (Shachbag & Tet)
  • Machane Shachbag (Shachbag & Tet)
  • Tiyul Pisgalim (Shachbag & Tet)
  • Pre-Summer Camp Seminar (Shachbag & Tet)

* Some camps, tiyulim and seminars require additional fees.